Thursday, August 4, 2011

6 Things MUST have inside your Beg

 Handphone and wallet of course  things must  have inside our beg ...but as  a women we also can't stay away form make up we were wish to carry them along  ...or some of women not really know what  must have inside the beg in case ....some urgent event or meet up happen ???

Here the list

1-Lipstick or Lips balm with colour (lips balm it neccesary to apply everyday to avoid dry lips from sun) lipstick  can be apply to check instead blusher

2-Facepowder 2 way cake ( applyin'  thick can b'come concelar in same time  or thin to ook simple)

3-Mascara+ eye liner (easy  to carry if we can have make up 2 in 1)

4-Eyes shadow 3 colour in 1 ( find basic colours can match with any theme n event )

5-Oil control Film to avoid shine on ur face

And last but not least

6- Pantyliner /pad (in case ................)

Here the 6 things MUST have inside ur beg !

Monday, June 6, 2011


  Hey ladies now we're goin' into a 'women favourite ' ever ..SHOES !!!! (but not me new shoes hurt my feet for a while ) Just name it any favourite shoes designer ofcourse we were dreamin' about it ...Jimmy Choo ,Christian Laboutin, Lewre,Nose also Vincci....always come with new design...But some time i realize we're not really know what kind of shoes are suite for our wear that day ...ok here i'll gived some solution or tips

If office wear u may try this:

For some1 wear long pants there are lot of option 4 u such  :

Heal  full cover
Heal half cover


If u want to wear a printed shoes design also can but not to obvious ,and u may try a different colour as red ,brown , white or blue ...yellow and green eemmm...not really atleast ur DARE!!! to look so DIFFERENT Hahaha (i like different thing )

But If ur work are required u to mmove or walk a lot i suggest try to find less that 3 inchi heal

But if ur wear a skirt i not realy suggest to wear a full cover shoe like above but high recommendad this

Or wedges

For u in casual wear  flat are better in

3/4 Pants


Wait how about boots? It's that can wear to office ?
 answer : Yes ! try this

Skirt A line

high boots

What u need now  is try to find a  suite shoes   to where ..theme and Ur  size ......

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Work outfit

   Have u have a problem to choose outfit to work???? sitting in office under brezing air condition sometime u just want to look simple as u can ....but if ur dealing with client who observe from head to toe and lookin' a little bit confident from what ur wear ..i would like to suggest some  ...

For look more up to date try this
- Don't forget ur blazer

- To save more  time in the morning  in market now famous with 1 piece outfit

- But not everyday u can wear it so if u want 2 wear A skirt line i would like to suggest try a colour 1 such blue black ,red or khaki

-With Shirt
-Along with small colour belt

How ever i'm prefer pencil skirt with  body shape

Try this


Turtle neck also can look formal too..

-Try a different kind of skirt

High waist skirt for show ur waist line

-If ur prefer pants  i'd like to suggest this

Slack are better choice for work out fit  so try along with :

Or Shawl


-Shirt (i suggest a colour 1 like purple)


Or want try different in pants work outfit ? Try this

wide leg pants

Also for a muslim lady i guess it sute as well :)

but here for muslim clad tudung lady i loved to suggest this

Long skirt

Big Belt

Puffy long sleeve

Anyway i found this video which will help u too

See it's not so hard to look good in office ..just flash a bit confident .. try some colour in work outfit and just 1 or 2 accesories ...ur ready go to work then ...hope it's inspired u : )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Legging is everywhere

2010/11 year quite popular with legging as i notice because of an elastic material which  give more air to skin that's what make a comfortable for most  of women wear it.

How ever u should realize that legging will show the  shape off ur legs , it's not really good for some one in L -XXL size or muslim lady .

Here the solution :)
1)-Try to find dark colour legging
2) Wear with  big cardigan the  long is  untill  ur knee

Nice if u can wear with belt  ;)

For others u may wear as usual but

  if ur felt boring with 1 type of legging u can wear 3/4 legging with nice blouse

Nice it's ...or to look more casual try this:
Legging in jeans pattern (look like skinny jeans right  )

2 piece wear ,cardigan or t-shirt

 Legging come with so many pattern but it's nice if u can try something differents to dinner or club  .
Nett legging
Mini dress


Printing legging

Jacket skin colour ...

You also can try a colour legging along the suggestion i've  been given above to show a funky  mood.

Used a colour wiserly ..remember not all colour are suite for u even that is ur favorite one :P

U may combined a skirt n legging like this:

Of course blazer

And the latest legging recently is the torn one

I would like to sugget the matching top is

One shoulder top

Or u may wear

Big t-shirt

 with belt

I wish all my suggestion at above  will help u to be more elegant and look just nice ....