Saturday, May 28, 2011

Work outfit

   Have u have a problem to choose outfit to work???? sitting in office under brezing air condition sometime u just want to look simple as u can ....but if ur dealing with client who observe from head to toe and lookin' a little bit confident from what ur wear ..i would like to suggest some  ...

For look more up to date try this
- Don't forget ur blazer

- To save more  time in the morning  in market now famous with 1 piece outfit

- But not everyday u can wear it so if u want 2 wear A skirt line i would like to suggest try a colour 1 such blue black ,red or khaki

-With Shirt
-Along with small colour belt

How ever i'm prefer pencil skirt with  body shape

Try this


Turtle neck also can look formal too..

-Try a different kind of skirt

High waist skirt for show ur waist line

-If ur prefer pants  i'd like to suggest this

Slack are better choice for work out fit  so try along with :

Or Shawl


-Shirt (i suggest a colour 1 like purple)


Or want try different in pants work outfit ? Try this

wide leg pants

Also for a muslim lady i guess it sute as well :)

but here for muslim clad tudung lady i loved to suggest this

Long skirt

Big Belt

Puffy long sleeve

Anyway i found this video which will help u too

See it's not so hard to look good in office ..just flash a bit confident .. try some colour in work outfit and just 1 or 2 accesories ...ur ready go to work then ...hope it's inspired u : )

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