Monday, June 6, 2011


  Hey ladies now we're goin' into a 'women favourite ' ever ..SHOES !!!! (but not me new shoes hurt my feet for a while ) Just name it any favourite shoes designer ofcourse we were dreamin' about it ...Jimmy Choo ,Christian Laboutin, Lewre,Nose also Vincci....always come with new design...But some time i realize we're not really know what kind of shoes are suite for our wear that day ...ok here i'll gived some solution or tips

If office wear u may try this:

For some1 wear long pants there are lot of option 4 u such  :

Heal  full cover
Heal half cover


If u want to wear a printed shoes design also can but not to obvious ,and u may try a different colour as red ,brown , white or blue ...yellow and green eemmm...not really atleast ur DARE!!! to look so DIFFERENT Hahaha (i like different thing )

But If ur work are required u to mmove or walk a lot i suggest try to find less that 3 inchi heal

But if ur wear a skirt i not realy suggest to wear a full cover shoe like above but high recommendad this

Or wedges

For u in casual wear  flat are better in

3/4 Pants


Wait how about boots? It's that can wear to office ?
 answer : Yes ! try this

Skirt A line

high boots

What u need now  is try to find a  suite shoes   to where ..theme and Ur  size ......