Thursday, August 4, 2011

6 Things MUST have inside your Beg

 Handphone and wallet of course  things must  have inside our beg ...but as  a women we also can't stay away form make up we were wish to carry them along  ...or some of women not really know what  must have inside the beg in case ....some urgent event or meet up happen ???

Here the list

1-Lipstick or Lips balm with colour (lips balm it neccesary to apply everyday to avoid dry lips from sun) lipstick  can be apply to check instead blusher

2-Facepowder 2 way cake ( applyin'  thick can b'come concelar in same time  or thin to ook simple)

3-Mascara+ eye liner (easy  to carry if we can have make up 2 in 1)

4-Eyes shadow 3 colour in 1 ( find basic colours can match with any theme n event )

5-Oil control Film to avoid shine on ur face

And last but not least

6- Pantyliner /pad (in case ................)

Here the 6 things MUST have inside ur beg !