Monday, June 11, 2012

5 ways to look fabulous on Monday

1-Bright color

If you not attach with work uniform , try to wear a bright outfit to trigger your delight and zesty mood such a red or green .

2-New look

Unnecessary to buy a new cosmectic product to look different , change of your make up routine . Example your daily lipstick color either brown , nude or pink instead with red , orange or light marron to look fresh .


Exersice is 1 of the best way to shake the stress off from thinking about plenty of work are waiting on your desk tomorrow.
Fill your Sunday evening with a light activity such having a tea with family , friends , facial or massage .Avoid hang out untill late or last minute window shopping as you will feel restless the next day .

Recommended to read a motivation book at night   to improve your work performance . You will feel an enthusiastic indirectly and can't wait for Monday then .