Monday, May 9, 2011

T-shirt !!!!!

 I love T-shirt , easy and simple .Just put in on to ur body and with any jeans or pants ur ready to go .Some of big size people think t-shirt can cover up the shape especially black colour one.
  So conviniace right ?coz most of us think t-shirt is the simple to wear ever u know not all t-shirt are suit for u? Yes the differents is a shape ,size ,colour or even pattern .

For some one into fashion  soul  or even for L-XXXL ladies u still can look good in T-shirt if u  wear with matching accesories such as long  necklace ,bangle and shoe too.So if you want to look simple and rugged choose a long sleeve one ,try to wear with long torn jeans or skinny colour jeans
Long sleeve T-shirt

colour skinny jeans

                                                            Torn jeans

                                                  Find a match snearker or flat if u wear colourfull jeans 
                                                        Heals suit for skinny / torn jeans
Silver bangle's
Or long neclace

Don' wear accesories too many ,just one of it .But how too look elegant with T-shirt? try this 
Puffy short sleeve T-shirt

Khaki pants
Black heals
Victorian long neclace

But how suddenly ur boss or client call u for an urgent meeting while ur in T-shirt ? can T-shirt turn to formal wear
The tips is 

Hope ur always prepare it in ur car :) If any urgent meeting or meet up for formal just grab it ....
And for some one in L- XXL size don't worry u still look good in T-shirt if ur dare ...... :P try this :

                                                          Any colour big t-shirt and wear it as 1 off shoulder

                                                              Dark colour skinny  jeans
Or better for ur comfortable i suggest :-


double long necklace

and i suggest a wedges ...

So even just a t-shirt but u still can look good right ? But if ur have free time why not u just modified ur old t-shirt  by ur self? here the video that  i just found it in youtube.Saving more money  rather buy new 1  :D

Try it out ok !

For me less are better ,my choice of the day is :-Blue round neck T-shirt and low waist jeans

Long necklace and sneaker...:)

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