Sunday, May 13, 2012

My regular skin care

There are no trick to look young , so many people keep ask me how do i remain my youth .As a model and a writer people are always missed understood of my 'real' age ,i always getting younger and younger when people guessing (I'm not complimenting my self it based on true event )

Preparing my self before runway show

Well at age 31 honestly i don't have any secret nor a spell .First of all of course genetic are influence too ,my mom don't have a wrinkles even now she is age 56 and
surprisingly my dad don't have even 'single gray hair " he 60 years old this year.

But it doesn't mean i'm easily ignore of my skin need , i do particular about it. It's not a myth of enough sleep , regular exercise and eat a lot of fruit and vegetable are contribution of health skin .You are beautiful if you are healthy ...Believe me!

As i really do take care of my shape , i loved wake up in the morning and practicing my yoga ,swimming or jogging . But ..... bad habit of mine is i can't stay away of coffee. How ever here some of my routine skin care , my advise is before you start follow this regime please assume your skin type first. Mine ...i've oily skin so i have to find a water basic product or waterproof make up to prevent the smudge.

  Every time reach home first thing in my mind is to remove all my make up without waiting so long .

Start it with :

Whitening cleansing milk

Rub all over your  face then rinse it clean

This is my sweet heart ever since I've bought it .Jerslin my night cream ,smoothing a fine lines and moisturizing


scary right ???Hihihi after 20 minute remove the mask ,i just rub the remaining essence on my face for absorption

Eyes and nose are not exceptional ....

yes , i'm apply a lip balm before sleep for avoid the dryness on my lips

Ok this what i do before out of my house

Clean your face first


To minimize the pores and refresh your skin
At age 31 , my skin are losing an elastic slowly . Am in loved with this Vita E collagen capsule selling by Nur Ellena (spot her at FB)
Cheap and i do loved it . Make your skin glowing and reduced fine lines too.
I instead the sun block and foundation with bb cream , the texture are lighter and smooth.
Content a 7 benefit in 1 tube ,sun block , anti-aging , whitening , minimize the fine lines , reduce a scar,even tone skin and make your skin glowing .During an applying i always "selawat " (my mom tips

After BB cream , i'm using silky oily control powder .
I have natural thin eyes brown so i'm defined eye brown liner to look it balance on my face
Only sometimes i used an eye liner .... try to look natural as much as i can
Mascara ...of course
lip balm is must
Then lipstick
I try to find something not too bright lipstick color for my daily look
I'm not going to make my pace out from the house without PERFUME! I loved perfume especially flower and sweet scent .Even at night  also i'm using a perfume to have a good sleep .

I feel calm and energetic after few spray ...
Taaaadaaaaa!!!! Now I'm ready to go out ...simple right ????