Friday, May 6, 2011

BB cream for work /daily look ?

  Do you always apply a foundation to work ? Do you realize foundation quite heavy to a normal day or in office even just a bit application  only?
Do you ever heard BB CREAM ?

Recomanded by famous Korean actress to look natural and radiant , a same benafit like foundation but BB cream are more lighter .Even though so Bb cream still can cover the wrinkle line ,eyes bag ,open pores,sun protection and  even skin tone . If you used continuely it will help to  improve you skin  each day ( depand of the brand)

The reason i'd suggest all of you to try  use a BB cream not to promoted some of brand but  i like to give you better look easy and faster to make up every morning . With only one application , your saving your time !!!

 Remember   to work you must look pleasant not stunning  coz your presant your job , i will review a foundation purpose in right time and right place :)

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